Vive la difference!

As sexologists, we believe that each person has the right to a sex life and that all forms of sexuality between consenting adults is acceptable. For us, sexual diversity and variations in sexual practices are a part of life.

Are you a member of a discriminated group?

At the Clinique de sexothérapie you are guaranteed a safe space. Welcome!

• Swingers and couples in open relationships
• Polyamorous individuals
•Gays / Lesbians / Bisexuals / Queers
•Heterosexuals that engage in homosexual behavior
•Transsexuals / Transgenders / Two-Spirited people /Intersex individuals
•Drug users
•Sex Workers/ Clients of the sex industry
• People living with HIV/ People affected by an sexually transmitted infection
• People living with a disability or a mental health condition

Unfortunately, people who live these realities and those who love them, are too often victims of prejudice, stigma, discrimination and violence. They can also have difficulties finding a therapist who will welcome them as they are. Here at the clinic, we have experience working with individuals from diverse communities and everyone is welcome.

What is the difference between normal and abnormal sexuality ?

1. Normal sexuality happens between consenting individuals, where consent
is legal, free and informed.
2. Normal sexuality does not cause psychological distress.
3. Normal sexuality does not affect the social, occupational or functioning in other important areas.