Dépendances sexuelles

Sexual addiction is a problem we hear more and more about in the medias.  Sex addiction, hypersexuality or compulsive sex are different terms used to talk about the same trouble. For us, sexual addiction refers to the inability to stop or decrease a behavior despite negative consequences.

Sex addiction according to Patrick Carnes

Patrick Carnes is the first in 1983 to have used the concept of dependence to
talk about the hypersexuality (Out of the Shadows: Understanding Sexual
Addiction, 1983, 1992, 2001).

At least three criteria are required to indicate a sexual addiction

1. Loss of control: The behavior goes further than expected or wanted
2. Compulsive behavior: A pattern of “uncontrolled behavior” unfolds with time
3. Efforts to stop the behavior: repeated attempts, without success
4. Waste of time: A lot of time spent planning behavior, conduct or have to rely
5. Concerns: obsessive thoughts about the behavior or the result of conduct
6. Neglect of duties: The behavior interferes with work, school, family and  friends
7. Continuation despite consequences: Inability to stop the behavior despite the problems it causes (social, legal, financial or physical)
8. Climbing: Need to increase the intensity, frequency and level of risk
9. Loss: Lose, limit, sacrifice aspects of her life which we take (hobbies, family, relationships, work)
10. Withdrawal: Stopping the behavior results in a considerable degree of distress, anxiety, agitation, irritability, physical discomfort